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Does the classic browser extension still work for the latest version of Firefox?

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edited December 2022 in 1Password 3 – 7 for Mac

I'm on a Mac using version of the classic browser extension and I was wondering if it will still work with the latest version of Firefox. If not, what is the last version that it is supported on? I use the desktop version (1Password 6) and have had to switch to Firefox since Google and Safari no longer work with the extension.

1Password Version: 6.8.9 (689001)
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 12.6.1
Browser:_ Firefox 98.0.1
Referrer: forum-search:classic extension firefox


  • Dave_1PDave_1P

    Team Member

    Hello @plambert2! 👋

    As far as I'm aware you can still run version with the latest version of Firefox. However, both 1Password 6 and the classic extension haven't been updated for many years and you might run into issues using these older versions of 1Password alongside the latest versions of Firefox and macOS.

    I don't recommend using an older version of Firefox, browsers are constantly targeted by new security vulnerabilities and it's important to use the latest version of Firefox that is available for your device.

    We're currently offering generous discounts on 1Password memberships (which allow you to use the latest version of 1Password) to users who have been using our older licensed versions of 1Password. It you're interested then send in an email to [email protected] so that our billing team can offer you a heavily discounted 1Password membership. 😊


  • plambert2plambert2
    Community Member

    Thanks Dave. I update Firefox and the extension is working as expected. As for the "generous discount", I've already paid for the product twice (once for Mac and once for iOS). I don't want to pay for the software every month. These days, everyone is trying to sell subscription services to the point where the overall costs become prohibitive.

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

    Team Member


    Thank you for the reply. I can certainly understand the reluctance to pile on subscription services and I can only offer my personal perspective on why I purchased a subscription years before working here: my password manager was the most critical component of my online life and I wanted to use something that was actively maintained and updated by a team of active developers.

    Password managers, like other security software, require constant and active development to guard against new security threats and to fix bugs. The subscription model makes the most sense in terms of making sure that we have a great team of developers and support staff to ensure that 1Password continues to be secure against the latest dangers that are out there. With memberships we're also able to offer advanced security features such as two-factor authentication and secure item sharing, things that were not possible with the older standalone licensed model.

    If you're interested in reading about our decision to go all in on 1Password.com memberships then our founder wrote a post here with more details: https://1password.community/discussion/129161/the-future-of-local-standalone-vaults/p1

    That being said, I'm happy to hear that the older extension is still working well with Firefox on your Mac. 🙂


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