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I'm trying to run the 1Password Connect Kubernetes Operator (v. 1.5.7) in AKS (v. 1.22.6) with Flux (v 2) and the Connect Helm chart (v. 1.10.0).

I keep getting this error in the operator's logs over and over;

1.6711651821939726e+09  INFO    controller_onepassworditem  Reconciling OnePasswordItem {"Request.Namespace": "1password-connect", "Request.Name": "test-item-3"}
1.6711651822202084e+09  INFO    Secret with name test-item-3 and version 1 already exists
1.6711651822243783e+09  ERROR   Reconciler error    {"controller": "onepassworditem", "controllerGroup": "", "controllerKind": "OnePasswordItem", "OnePasswordItem": {"name":"test-item-3","namespace":"1password-connect"}, "namespace": "1password-connect", "name": "test-item-3", "reconcileID": "a7a8bd81-63c1-4553-bae7-72d2f41c7c26", "error": "cannot update status: \"test-item-3\" not found"}*Controller).reconcileHandler

The secret was created successfully with the right value, but I'm not confident the operator will be able to update it when I change the secret in 1Password.

The Roles and RoleBindings all appear to be correct.

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