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Hi there,

I'm a paid customer for both my business and family account.

i'm looking to use robocorp to help with some invoice automation.

there are some services where they don't allow a separate billing account to help access my invoices.

Robocorp method to automate the login is to replace teh existing one time password with their own authenticator app https://robocorp.com/portal/robot/robocorp/example-mfa-otp

if i do that, the one i do have inside my 1password will no longer be working.

Because it's the same account, I want it such that the automation i create in robocorp use the same password and 2FA one time password

but I am unsure how i can let robocorp access my one time password inside my 1password.

Can advise?

1Password for Mac 8.9.11 (80911019)

1Password Version: 8.9.11
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macos 12.6
Browser:_ Not Provided

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