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Not sure if there is a dedicated area to put "feature requests". That being said, I would love to submit;

  1. Collapsible Tags. It would be great if we could collapse root and sub root tags (both individually or expand/collapse all with a modifier key or shortcut).
  2. "Expiring/expired" date push notification. It would be great to be able to set a secret or even a custom date field or object with an "expriation" date. It would be great if there was a days since/until date option as well.

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  • Hi @IronByron,

    This is as good a place as any, thanks for your feedback! I'll log these internally for the rest of the team. If you're open to sharing more about your use cases, I'm happy to include examples. This could be what kind of nested tag groupings you're using or what types of items you'd like to be notified for.

    In the meantime, you could also explore linking items to take advantage of the built in expiration date on other item types. Passports and driver's licenses are some examples: Link related items in 1Password

    I recognize it's not the cleanest solution and would like to see more custom expiration dates in the app myself one day. Thanks again for sharing your input and let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

    ref: PB-30505881
    ref: PB-30506219

  • IronByron
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    Awesome! Some examples of how I use nested tag groupings (general examples, in reality I have a pretty long list of tags and nested tags):

    source control/github/org example
    source control/github/org example/repo1
    source control/github/org example/repo2
    source control/github/org example 1/repo1
    source control/ado/org




    I didn't think about linking to the ID or passport items, not ideal but a work around possibly. Without getting to complex into date/time management and turning 1password into a calendar or task management app; I was really thinking in terms of credential expiration notifications/warnings. Like the ability to set a password with a maximum lifetime, or an SSH key expiration date push notification warning at X days out (configurable by the end user). Would be nice to set that ability for any date field if desired? If that makes sense.

  • Thanks so much for these examples, @IronByron!

    Expiring passwords is an interesting idea, there's certainly no shortage of them (for better or worse) in practice. Whether they would be better implemented as a date/expiry field on the item or on the password field itself is, I think, a question also worth asking.

    I'll add these insights to your earlier feedback that is in the hands of our Product team now. I appreciate you letting us know this is important to you. Let me know if you have any questions. 😊

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