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Galaxy Note 10 Plus Question
Is copy and paste the only functionality?
I opened the 1PW app. Tried logging into a major website (that is in 1PW). Nothing appears in the password field and not able to launch it from the app. I can live with copy and paste It's better than nothing. I'm just curious if I'm doing something wrong?

Galaxy Tab A8 tablet Question
So I just got a new toy. I am having such a struggle having to manually type in passwords. I have a super complicated password for 1PW so that's a pain in the backside. Then I only have copy and paste functionality which I can live with. The tablet has facial recco only (no fingerprint).

  1. Does facial recco open 1PW? If so mine is not opening.
  2. Is manually typing the password in each time necessary?
  3. Only favorites and Recents show up in a list in the mobile app. I have to search for the other ones which is no big deal I'm just curious if that's the way it's supposed to be?

Thanks again !

1Password Version: new
Extension Version: new
OS Version: android 12
Browser:_ chrome


  • Hi @shipdriver, thanks for writing in!

    With 1Password for Android you can use Autofill to fill and save items in supported apps and browsers. You can confirm Autofill is on and reset it if it is:
    1. Open and unlock 1Password for Android.
    2. Tap the account or collection icon.
    3. Tap Settings > Autofill.
    4. If on, tap Autofill off.
    5. Tap Autofill on.
    6. Select 1Password as the Autofill service.

    Next you can open your browser, navigate to a website and tap a username or email field. Does a prompt from 1Password appear?

    Does facial recco open 1PW? If so mine is not opening.

    1Password for Android requires devices to meet the Class 3 "strong" criteria for Biometric unlock. On the vast majority of Android devices, Face unlock does not meet these criteria due, in part, to the lack of IR or depth sensing technology to scan. To my knowledge there isn't a Samsung device that meets these requirements so Face unlock will not be available with 1Password on those devices.

    Is manually typing the password in each time necessary?

    Any time 1Password for Android is closed completely, such as removing it from Recents or restarting the device, or if the app is quietly shut in the background by device features such as battery optimization, the account password will be required to reopen. You can extend the Auto-Lock on Exit setting from Setting > Security to allow 1Password to stay open while it is idle longer. Even with the Auto-Lock on Exit setting extending, closing the app completely or features like battery optimization will still lock the app.

    Only favorites and Recents show up in a list in the mobile app. I have to search for the other ones

    The sections on the Home screen only appear when they're populated. If you're getting started with 1Password for Android certain sections may not appear until you modify, use or create items.

    I find the Home screen is great to keep my most used items close at hand. If I need to do some item management I typically do that from the Items tab (the sidebar on a tablet). Opening sections in the Items tab allows you to see item lists grouped by Vault, Category, Tags and more. The item lists can be sorted a few different ways as well. Both the Item tab and Home Screen can also be customized to help prioritize the sections that are most useful for you.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  • shipdriver
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    Thank you so much for your response😀

    Mobile phone. it turns out auto fill was on And yes it does work. I think I missed the step to look for the little one password icon. I was just expecting it would happen without that step like my past vaults. But yes now that I know that I have that extra step it works.

    Tablet. Well...bummer. I use that tablet for isolated periods whether it's to show a client a demonstration or I use it while I'm watching TV sitting on the couch When I'm done I shut it off. I still have a good password but I've modified it so it's not such a hassle using the Android keyboard that's not the same as a PC keyboard. I was surprised to find out that a brand new Samsung tablet isn't good enough with biometrics that's too bad.

    Thanks again👍

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    On behalf of my colleague, Timothy, you're absolutely welcome. We appreciate your response and understanding, @shipdriver. 1Password has always been built with privacy and security in mind, so any limitations to Face Unlock are to protect you and your data in 1Password.

    Please do not hesitate to reach back out if you have any other questions!

  • shipdriver
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    Turns out the 1PW is working on my Samsung Tab A8. It appears real small and when I click on it it fills the password.

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    @shipdriver, I'm glad that 1Password is filling on your Samsung tablet, but interested to understand how the Autofill suggestions are appearing small.

    Would you mind sharing a screenshot of an example? Please be sure to blur out any personal information.

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