Do "Collections" replace the old "All Vaults?"

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Dear 1Password Helpers,

Sorry if this question is redundant, or already answered, but I can't find an explicit explanation I'm looking for.

I have two vaults (in a Families account): Private and Shared.

In the "Pre 8" days, I could select "All Vaults" and they would be merged, so, for example, I could examine all my Logins.

The "All Vaults" option appears to be gone in v8.

Is that correct?

But I believe I can accomplish the same thing by clicking "All Items," then clicking "Logins."

Is that correct?

If not, I guess I have to combine my Private and Shared Vaults into a "Collection."


Best regards,

-markbot 🇺🇸

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1Password Version: 8.9.13
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: macos 10.15.7
Browser:_ Firefox 109.0


  • Hey @markbot

    I have a collection for work, another for each son, and finally, one for myself. That allows me to quickly switch and narrow my data. For example, my personal collection, named interestingly enough "Me," contains my Personal vault and the family-shared vault, plus a few others I may need to access. I think of a collection as a much more robust All Vaults.

    Yep, the All Vaults option is not really present in the previous form. If you have multiple accounts, you can create a collection named All Vaults if you wish and enable the option of adding in newly created vaults. I have multiple accounts on my device, and I've got another oh-so cleverly named "Test Vaults - All accounts"

    If you click on All Items and them logins, that will narrow the scope to all logins across the vaults that you have access to. I prefer Collections as it allows you to narrow your fill logins in Quick Access. You could create one to test and see how it fits your needs. For me that was the best way to determine if it fit my needs when the feature debuted.

    Get to know Quick Access - to set a collection activate Quick Access and click the icon at the end of the search box.

  • markbot
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    Hi ag_tommy,

    Wow, thank you for your comprehensive (and quick -- they paying you overtime for this? I hope so!) answer.

    Collections and Quick Access sound like great features, and worth mastering. Sometimes it takes me a while to come to understand and appreciate these kind of new tricks, but once I get them into my workflow, I can't live without them.

    Again, thank you very much!


  • @markbot

    I'm happy that Tommy was able to help.

    By the way, I visited Cape Breton Island for the first time a couple of years ago and it's absolutely beautiful. I second your recommendation that folks place it on their bucket list. 😊


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