Keylogger Risk

The risk of a keylogger intruding on my PC has always been in my mind as a huge risk. Not just with this product but since I started using password vaults in general.

The response is always "as long as you have a good virus protection you have nothing to worry about." I have good virus protection, I have Kaspersky. I used to have Webroot I'll always have one running.

I just thought I'd throw it out there to the community just to see what ya'll think. Is simply having a well-known virus protection always running, a 100% good enough answer?

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OS Version: win 11
Browser:_ chrome


  • MrC
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    We'd all like simple answers to very complex problems. But we know that's not reality.

    Using a computing system as safety as possible is not a simple problem, nor is there a simple solution. It is a multi-layered problem that involves technology, human factors, a required level of knowledge, and a level of risk assessment (that is nearly impossible for most of us, so most punt). So, we all make certain trade-offs, and often convenience and impatience wins.

    All you can do is your best, and accept that there is some amount of risk, always. And there will always be someone smarter, more sophisticated, and more determined than you and me. We will never beat the Three-card Monte wizard, and we will never beat the black-hat sufficiently motivated to own us or our secrets. We have to build and defend our fortress; the attacker just has to find a single weakness to exploit.

    But it is probably safe to say that the more you understand these complex systems, the more you avoid higher-risk behaviors, the more you understand the attack vectors, the more you allow experts to help make your computing environment safer, the more you follow the best security advice available, the better your chances are of avoiding malware or being tricked into revealing secrets.

    Consider your own assessment that Kaspersky is "good virus protection", but you also say "I'll always have one running". You may or may not be aware that Windows comes with excellent anti-malware built-in. Is Kaspersky "better" or "worse" or sufficiently similar - that's a very difficult assessment. The need to purchase 3rd party antivirus software has been essentially eliminated from Windows and macOS, but users feel safer if they spend money on these products.

    So, no, there is no 100% good enough answer, and there never will be. Reject any such statements of certainty, unless the topic is death or taxes.

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    Thank you for your comments. What I decipher from your comments is that in your opinion, YES, even running malware protection, a keylogger could get into your password vault.

    I am convinced of this as well and like you feel there are trade-offs in life. I feel the risk low enough and I want the benefits of the password vault and so I just look the other way and hope for the best.

    As far as windows malware protection being good enough. I will keep that in mind next year when renewal comes. If you don't take advantage of Kaspersky's generous 60% off offer and you and you buy instead on Amazon like I did you get it for only $20 and the functionality is nice. That said next year before I spend my $20 i'll look at the functionality of windows and research on some forums what you said and maybe I'll just go with windows.👍

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