Unlocking multiple accounts - again until this is fixed.

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When will there be a way to unlock ALL accounts active in 1Password without them all having the same password?

Your password reuse justifications are incomplete. There ARE many occasions where reusing passwords for 1Password accounts have issues beyond the cryptographic hazards, or the through-the-Internet authentication communication process (e.g. account created for you-password and all, written on Emergency Kit, documented elsewhere, sharing with someone in an emergency).

Today, the update to 8.10.0-12 beta, or the expiration of the sign-in caused ALL of my 22 accounts to be locked again, requiring re-entering the password for each, with Touch ID disabled until the password is entered.

While this is enormously time-consuming and disruptive, it's made worse by the additional account login screen not functioning with 1Password itself. The password selection menu is not shown, and bringing up Quick Access removes focus from the password field, and one cannot tab to the password field and has to switch out and back to 1Password in order to paste the copied password.

1Password Version: 8.10.0-12
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: 13.1
Browser:_ Safari


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    Hey, the 8.10 release update didn't lock all of my accounts! Thanks for fixing that!

    Still not getting focus back to the password field when attempting to sign into an account after bringing up Quick Access.

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