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I'm in my 2 week trial and seeing how intuitive the UI and team management tools are between Bitwarden or 1Password. So today, I simply wanted to enforce 2FA. The settings place for that was not very obvious, so I am looking at this help article. Most things in this article do not match the interface at all. Is this a limitation in the trial? I can't create groups, manage permissions, and basically anything in that article. In my brother's paid account he has a "security" link on the right hand side, and that's where settings are. I don't have that. Basically, there's a bunch of stuff that isn't here, doesn't match, or is done differently. So.... how can I properly evaluate 1Password?

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  • ScottS1P
    edited January 2023

    Hello @MyIris,

    Thanks for asking about managing two-factor authentication in 1Password Business. This feature is exclusive to 1Password business, so if you aren't seeing it, you may be signed in with a different type of account.

    In order to be more helpful, we may need to access and discuss any account you may have. Our community forum is a public space and not safe to have such discussions, so I've sent you an email where we can continue the conversation. Please be on the lookout for a message with the subject line "1Password support follow up" and reply there.


    ref: Zendesk-101531

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