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In "All Vaults" view

PROBLEM: My 1Password "All Vaults View" shows multiple entries for the same website.

Example 1 - two entries: Same URL, same password. The second entry shows the same created date as the first. The only difference is the Last Modified Date.
Example 2 - two IDENTICAL entries, including the Last Modified Date!
Example 3 - SIX entries for amazon.com - all with the same login password.


  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hello @wdgulf,

    Thanks for your message and sorry for the delay. It sounds like you may be viewing All Items in the All Vaults view of 1Password 7 for Windows. If you have have duplicate items or copies of the same titled items in different vaults, it would appear as below:

    Could you confirm, as depicted below, if these extra/duplicate items are appearing under different vaults?

    If these in fact are extra or duplicate items, you can remove the extra items by right-clicking each > Archive or Delete.

    I hope this information helps, but if you need further assistance, just let us know.

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