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How do I recreate the multi-level folder structure I had, all of this data was in my exported CSV

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I am a newbie considering migrating from a LastPass family set of accounts (My wife, myself and my 2 adult children). We had dozens of shared folders, that were in a multi-level structure to make things easy to find. Some of the folders were because we had separate logins to the same sites (e.g. Facebook, Bank of America) others were not shared normally but shared for emergency access. These got lumped by the import into a single vault even though all of the shared folder names were in Lasspass's export CSV file. I need to recreate this structure (or something close to it) before I can migrate my wife and children into a 1Password family account. If I can't do this, the product is virtually useless to me.

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  • Tertius3Tertius3
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    You can recreate a hierarchical organization structure by assigning tags to your items. Nested tags can be created by using the / character within the tag name. Then enable the display of tags in the sidebar to make the structure always visible and directly available.

  • 73Bruin73Bruin
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    Thank you for answering my post.

    To restate what I have understood from your post and my limited understanding (at this point) of 1Password, it seems that to get what I need I need to do the following.
    1) Create the vaults to be shared and move the previously imported websites to these faults.
    2) Assign tags for the websites within each vault that create the folder type structure I want.
    3) Enable the display of tags in each user in my family's 1Password installation.''

    I guess, I can do these things but it seems like a lot of work to duplicate the structure that was already there in the information that 1Password imported and apparently ignored. Does the import work differently if I had been using 1Passwords family version initially?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    1Password stopped using the folder structure some time ago. Tags were the replacement and arguably, they are more convenient and can accomplish much the same goal but can be more flexible. We hope you'll find them useful. I transitioned to tags from folders many years back and it was different and it took a little getting used to.

    The Personal vault (each member has their own) would contain personal logins or ones that you do not want to share. This vault it special and cannot be shared it is also only visible to each individual. The Shared vault would contain shared items between all members in a family membership. If you wanted a shared vault between just you and your Mrs., you would need to create that vault and share it with her. The same would be said for a share to each of the adult children. I have the same setup, a share to each child for person-to-person sharing, and then we lump group shares into the "Shared folder" This is the Wi-Fi code at the house and so on.

    Create and share vaults

    As far as the import goes, it would likely not change. The importer takes what is available from the csv. You could reach out to my colleagues on the email support side of things and see if there are any suggestions they can make to better assist you with the import process. We have a team of folks ready to help.

    Please email us using [email protected] if you're so inclined. Be sure to use the email address tied to the account in question.

  • 73Bruin73Bruin
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    I think I found a way to accomplish what I want, so thank you for the help. I created separate vaults (that I will share) and then went to the tags that corresponded to those vaults. I could then select all of the websites in the tag and use the move function to move them to their corresponding vault. I only kept the tags for items that go in the shared vault.

  • 73Bruin73Bruin
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    Thank you ag-tommy!

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