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Lastpass import - any way to get files?

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The latest lastpass update is the final straw, time to move perm to 1password.

I have many lastpass entries that have files attached (ssh keys etc). When I do my import, these files do not come across.

Anyone know of a way to get these over without going through thousands of entries indivudally in lastpass?

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  • DickieD
    Community Member

    Apparently the latest version of 1Password now has a direct import from LastPass (not tried it yet but will shortly) but it will import all data including files apparently

  • ag_tommy
    edited January 2023

    Nice find @DickieD

  • siberian
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    I missed that somehow. The normal password import was fine but did not see this attachment process.

    Ended up spending a few hours going password by password to make sure I lost nothing. Also was able to clear out a decade of old junk which was a nice benefit.

    Let us know how well this works though! I suspect I have many of my friends and clients following me away from Lastpass soon.

  • @siberian

    It's a brand new import tool that our team worked very hard to get released last week. I definitely recommend that your friends and clients use it if they're migrating from LastPass: Move your data from LastPass to 1Password

    If they do happen to run into any trouble then please have them reach out to our support team, we're here to help. 😊


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