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Watch tower score

Community Member

On android and iOS my score is different in both cases. I’m using the same account. What’s happening here?


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

    Team Member


    You might see different Watchtower scores on different devices if their security settings are different. For example, if you have Face ID or Touch ID available on your iOS device but not turned on, that score could be lower than your Android device where fingerprint unlock is turned on.

    Have a look through the Security tab of Settings on each device to see how they're set up and make sure you turn on biometric unlock if it's available:

    If the settings are the same on both but the Watchtower score is still different, let me know. :)

    — Grey

  • vishalshethvishalsheth
    Community Member

    I fail to understand this logic. Till now the score was the same on android, iPhone and Mac. Note you’re saying it can be different. I still see the score different on iPhone and android. I just saw a funny thing happen. My score on iPhone was improved and then in next check without any change it reduced. This surely can’t happen. I feel the score system is not great. I’ve updated so many of my passwords and details which make it more secure but the score is still the same. What’s the logic there?
    Are you trying to say that face id is more secure than fingerprint?
    I just checked again and note the score are the same on android and iPhone.
    According to me the score should be the same as it checks for my password security levels.

  • vishalshethvishalsheth
    Community Member

    I have updated many passwords. But still my score has not changed. Why?

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