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Error message when updating password - question

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I updated my password by logging into the 1Password website, I did not have the 1Password App, nor the 1Password Safari Extension logged into at the time. Upon completion of updating the password, I received the following message in a pop-up:

Couldn't change your password.
Error: Not saving user info for public computer.
with the session #, date and time.

My question: The password DID save, however, did I receive the above error message because I had selected that I was on a public computer when I initially signed in? I usually do this so that I have to sign in completely each time, maybe this not appropriate in the case of 1Password. What is this error message really telling me?

1Password Version: vs. 8.9.14
Extension Version: vs 2.6.0
OS Version: Mac 13.2
Browser:_ Safari


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