Can I sync my macos with windows 11?

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Hi all,
I have the latest 1Password on both machines and on my iPhone but can I get these to sync, so that when I add a new password on my iPhone that password gets updated across all of my devices?

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  • Yes, provided they all use the same method. Often when folks have trouble syncing it's due to mismatched setups.

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    Do you know of any step by step guides please

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    Are you having trouble with syncing? If you are, it may take a deeper dive and we'll need to look at logs from your devices. We can get you over to email support for additional troubleshooting. Please use [email protected] if needed.


    Install 1Password on device 1 using account A.
    Repeat as necessary on additional devices being sure to user the same account A.
    All devices directly associated with account A should sync.


    Vaults used prior to memberships. They would not sync.
    If you're viewing a collection it may appear the data has not synced because you've limited you scope.
    You can't share a Personal/Private vault.
    Only a Shared vault will sync between different individuals.

  • Is the account subscribed? That's another possibility to be on the look out for.

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