Please bring back "Sort by website"

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I keep trying 1Password 8 and then keep going back to 1Password 7 because of a lack of functionality.

The ability to sort by website is not a casual convenience, but a basic way to view and organize logins.

I'm a consultant with many clients so my 1Password has multiple logins for the many website. I keep them organized by always having the title start with the client name. In 1Password 7, I can easily switch between sorting by Title and sorting by Website. In 1Password 8...nope.

1Password Version: 8.9.15
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 12.4
Browser:_ Safaro


  • Hello @macgirl! 👋

    Thank you for the feedback! Have you tried 1Password 8's new collections feature? Collections allow you to specify which vaults and items you see and search so that you only work with the vaults that you need at a particular time. So you could have different collections for different clients.

    You can read more about Collections here: Use collections to create custom groups of vaults


  • macgirl
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    I appreciate Collections, but not sure how that connects to my request to sort by website?

  • @macgirl

    I mentioned collections as a possible alternate workflow that might help you organize your clients since 1Password 8 doesn't currently include the ability to sort items by website.

    That being said, I can confirm that I've passed along your request to our product team. Thank you for the feedback. 🙂


    ref: PB-31022909

  • ag_tommy
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    Thanks @Waterside

    I've let the team know this is important to you.

    ref: PB-31423573

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