Is there best-practices documentation on using 1password for Shiny app development?


I don't see any docs describing best practices on developing Shiny apps with 1password.
I currently develop shiny apps using Posit Workbench running on a remote machine.
I would like to handle secrets using 1password -- preferably via REST API calls, since I want to avoid having the op-cli as a non-R dependency.

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  • eddy_1P

    Hey @nyoungb2,

    Based on your described use case, it sounds like 1Password Connect is the product you're looking for.

    1Password Connect is a REST API that you deploy in your infrastructure, and then you can fetch the secrets from it by making API calls to it. We also provide a set of SDKs to easily interact with Connect (e.g. Go, Javascript, Python).

    I see that Shiny apps are build using R and Python, which makes me think that the Connect Python SDK may be a good starting point for you to experiment. Otherwise, you can check out Connect's API reference for more details about the endpoints and how they work.

    Does this answer your question? Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any follow-up questions.

  • nyoungb2
    Community Member

    Yep, that answers my question. Thanks @eddy_1P !
    We have implemented 1Password Connect on our local server, but this limits access to locally running jobs, so we are also going to host the connect server on the cloud... however, this is substantially more work to setup and maintain.

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