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API Password recipe question (Connect-Server)

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The recipe object of the /additem route has the field "characterSets" where the documentation states the following: "An array containing of the kinds of characters to include. Optional. Possible values: LETTERS, DIGITS, SYMBOLS."
Are those options just increasehe possible characters for the password generation or does including e.g. "DIGITS" always guarantee at least 1 digit in the generated password?

If this does not guarantee it, is there a different way to specify something like "at least 1 digits" in the password generation process (through the api connect server)?

I am asking because an older 1password desktop version used "allow Digits" and it wasn't guaranteed.

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1Password Version: connect server api
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  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @marv100 :

    Great question! 1Password Connect treats the characterSet field as MUSTs, rather than ALLOWs.


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