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I been using 1Password for several years, but for my Linux hosts I been using gopass. The other day I figured I should give 1Password CLI a try, but find it a bit cumbersome to use. Is it me that do not understand how to use 1Password CLI or does it miss some features and need to be simplified?

For example when I use gopass I can type "gopass netf" and it will show me a list of all entries that match netf where I can choose one of them by pressing the number for the entry I want unless there is a exact match and it will show med the password of that entry right away. When using 1Password CLI I would have to type "op item get netf --fields password" to get the passord so a lot more to type, and it doesn't even work because 1Password CLI require an exact match. Of course the long syntax can be solved easily by creating a script so I can fix that one on my own, but 1Password require and exact match which make it a bit useless when I got 400 entries where I do not remember the exact match for each of them.

So it would be really nice if the command "op item get netf --fields password" would return the password for entries that contain netf (for example "Netflix", "netflix", "my Netflix" etc). Also it would be nice if I could just type "op netf" as well to get the password as a default field to return, but this is more like a nice to have since I can fix that on my own with a script.

Where is the right place make such a feature request that would make the CLI much more usable.

1Password Version: 2.14.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 13.2.1
Browser:_ Not Provided


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    In addition I would like to add offline mode and support for Yubikey. I use 1Password at home and think it's great so I would really like to suggest 1Password for my company as well, but these missing features would be a requirement for us to consider 1Password as an option. 1Password is great, but the 1Password CLI is not good enough at the moment to compete with the best.

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