Windows 11 - Browser Extension not working


Anyone have issues with the Browser Extension on Windows 11? New machine with Windows 11, but the extension is acting like the 1Password Standalone App is not installed. But both the Windows App (1Password 4) and the Firefox extension is installed.

It works fine on my Windows10 machine.


  • PrinceZuko
    Community Member

    I used the debug extension feature in FF:

    Finished loading auth configuration. Processing callbacks. global.min.js:88:471
    [CHROME:NM] Port <[object Object]> disconnected: No such native application global.min.js:249:130
    [AGENT] Connection [object NativeMessagingConnection] disconnected. global.min.js:105:465
    1Password detected a high number of disconnections from the browser extension to the main application between Wed Mar 01 2023 14:35:47 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) and Wed Mar 01 2023 14:37:28 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) global.min.js:249:479
    [AGENT] Connection [object NativeMessagingConnection] disconnected.

    Googled, and tried some of the debug steps that was listed...disabled all other extensions, reinstalled extension and desktop app. Still no dice.

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