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Consistent tag casing behaviour

This is related to https://1password.community/discussion/comment/637393#Comment_637393, but I wanted to open a new issue since that issue has not been solved. It would be really nice if tag casing would be consistent on all platforms. Currently, if somebody in my family creates the "Test" label and I create the "test" label, they show up as two different categories. I think it would make more sense to give users the option to combine the two and always show the lower case version in the Apps.

1Password Version: 8.1
Extension Version: 2.7.0
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser:_ Brave
Referrer: forum-search:lowercase tags


  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member
    edited March 1


    I'll let the team know you would like to see an option for always user lowercase. Thanks for letting your voice be heard. I can't speak to the complexity or possibility of the merge request but we've got some smart folks on the team. Hopefully, they can consider this possibility as we move forward.

    ref: PB-31341287
    ref: PB-31341572

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