Disable access to particular vault on some devices

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Is there a way to disable access/sync to a particular vault on some devices?

I'd like to avoid some data syncing on my work laptop.

I found an old question regarding this, without a real solution.
Has something changed in the meantime?

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  • omzaz
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    I was involved in some discussion about this in a recent thread. See here and subsequent comments.

    It's not possible with a single-user account. But if you have a family plan you could achieve what you are trying to do using two accounts from the family plan.

  • Hello @teejay87,

    Thanks @omzaz for linking that alternate thread here and making note about using a second account from a family plan to achieve what @teejay87 is looking for.

    While we don't have further options to share, I've included your feedback for the Product team.

    Let us know if you have any other questions - we'll be here to help.

    ref: 31507528

  • omzaz
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    One thing I'd like to add that I didn't mention in the other thread is that whilst the family account route can be made to work, it starts to become an issue if you want more than a couple of unique device setups.

    For example, lets say I want one setup on my home PC (access to everything), another setup on my work PC (access to only my work vault), and another setup on my mobile phone (exclude access to my financial vault). I would then have to use up 3 seats in my family plan leaving not much left for actual family stuff

  • Thanks for the reply, @omzaz. I've included this feedback for the Product team in the Insight we have filed. 👍

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