suggested edits for MrC Converter Suite readme

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Your Windows instructions are not sufficient/accurate about path/directories if one is using OneDrive to re-direct their Desktop folder to the cloud.
Second, your examples of command-line might point out that using the Converter's file extensions is not proper form. It was a crazy assumption I made to add the ".pm" to the string, but it does cause the command to error.
Third: when installing the per-requisite Strawberry Perl, I instinctively tried to avoid installing same to C:\, only to find that Strawberry Perl won't accept a file path with spaces (C:\Program Files).
Thank you for your efforts and program.

1Password Version: v8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 10
Browser:_ Not Provided


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    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll see if I can address these things better.

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