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Sidebar is missing the vaults

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Hi, I transferred everything into my 1password Family plan, everything is in a "Shared" vault. I'm trying to organize it into separate vaults for family members. Looking the FAQ, it's showing it's a simple drag and drop into the vault listed on the LH sidebar. But there are no vaults listed in the sidebar? I've got other choices, but no 'Vaults", what am I missing? thanks

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Extension Version: 2.7
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Browser:_ Chrome
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  • Hello @tjc1965,

    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community. When using the 1Password 8 app, your available vaults should appear in the left sidebar under your account name:

    Your items should appear in your personal vault and can be moved to a shared vault that other members of the family account can see or are invited to. I'll include some helpful guides below:

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance. We'll be happy to help!

  • Rdavid
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    Your response did not address the question.
    When the sidebar appears it is not including the Vaults. How does one address this in order to have the listing of the vaults appear so that passwords can be moved or copied to various vaults that have been created.

  • MrC
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    Perhaps you are on instead of looking within the desktop app? This is the desktop app, where vaults are available in the left side bar:

    This is, where Vaults are selected via the pull down:

  • Rdavid
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    Thanks MrC.
    That did the trick

  • @Rdavid

    I'm glad to hear MrC could help.

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