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Git 2.40 breaks op-ssh-sign

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After upgrading to git 2.40 today, op-ssh-sign now thinks I'm passing flags that I am not passing:

Anyone else seeing this issue?

op_apple_universal_v2.14.0.pkg (Pkg)

1Password Version: 8.10.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • eswat2eswat2
    Community Member

    same as what i saw:


    my temporary solution was to remove git from homebrew and fallback to the Apple supplied version...

  • scottawscottaw
    Community Member

    yeah, I might have to do the same. 😞 Thank you. Glad we have verification at least.

  • yesdevnullyesdevnull
    Community Member

    I'm also seeing this after updating to Git v2.40.0. Looks like the issue stems from this commit to git.

    I use the Homebrew version of git, so for the interim I downloaded the 2.39.2 formula and installed that (brew unlink git && brew install ~/Downloads/git.rb). Back to normality until git v2.40.1 (hopefully!).

  • scottawscottaw
    Community Member

    Nice catch. And nice info on how to get the older git version in homebrew. I googled everything and couldn’t even find out how to get homebrew to show me what other formula were even available.

  • floris_1Pfloris_1P

    Team Member

    We're working on a fix for this. For now, what you can do as a workaround is comment out the gpg.ssh.program line in your .gitconfig and set SSH_AUTH_SOCK yourself:

    On macOS:

    export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=~/Library/Group\ Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.1password/t/agent.sock

    If you want to use it with a GUI application, you can launch it from the terminal session which has SSH_AUTH_SOCK set, e.g.

    open -a /Applications/Tower.app

    We'll keep you posted for when the fix is out.

  • scottawscottaw
    Community Member

    Thanks for the super fast turnaround on the update today

  • MartonS1PMartonS1P

    Team Member

    For anyone else who might be running into this:

    We've released a fix for the issue described above both on production and on the nightly channels. If you're running into issues with git 2.40, try updating the 1Password app!

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