Feature Request: Multiline password field

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When I want to save security codes for Two Factor Authentication or similar data in 1Password, I must select if save it formatted with multiline but not protected to the view in a text field or save it in a password field, but loosing the formatted multiline format.

Can you add a new multiline and protected field?

Thanks for your work !

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  • Hello @OscarJS,

    Thanks for your feature request. Given this use case, I can understand where the ability to conceal certain types of (multi-line) data in fields other than passwords, would be useful.

    I've filed a feature request internally to share your idea with our Product team. They regularly review feature requests from our customers to consider what should be added to future versions of 1Password. Your feedback, along with feedback from our other customers, helps them immensely with their planning.

    If you have any future suggestions, please let us know. We're always here to help!

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  • runfor
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    I want this feature too. Would be very helpful to store backup seed phrase for example

  • Hi @runfor, thanks for letting us know that you'd like to see this as well! I've gone ahead and filed your feedback with our Product team 😄

    If you have any further feedback or questions, don't hesitate to reach back out!

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  • michaeldh
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    I'd like this too. My use case is saving sensitive multi-line text, like a list of 2FA recovery codes or a JSON object containing cryptographic information.

    Right now, either I have to smush them into a one-line password field, or they're always visible on the screen when I'm viewing the record, exposing me to an unnecessary over-the-shoulder attack.

  • ag_mike_d
    edited July 18

    Thanks for your +1 and providing these use cases, @michaeldh! I've let the Product team know.

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