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Not sure where to put this, because it affects Mac, iOS and Cloud. Maybe someone can enlighten me or has any pointers.

What I learned so far:

1) Move = Copy + Delete (not intuitive but apparently as expected)
2) Moved items appear to be getting a new UUID making duplicate detection harder
3) 1PUX Export excludes recently deleted items
4) Restoring a recently deleted item appears to also create a new UUID

Anyway, I ended up with almost four thousand items in my trash, now panicking that I may be deleting some that are needed. So I started to restore them, however the list seems like an endless loop. I can not really verify this on Mac because for some odd reason, the deleted items aren't sortable nor searchable (on iOS you can search and you can totally forget about handling recently deleted items in the browser).

This is on Mac. I may select 50 items at a time, it works for a bit and says "23" items restored, some of the ones I selected are still there. Now I may select just one of those that was part of the 50, it will restore. Then I go to the top of the list, there are let's say 5 items I can clearly memorize. I only select the first one, ask to restore, and not only does the first one disappear, but others disappear as well.

On iOS it does the same, I select maybe 100 items and then it says "4 items" restored. Then if I click on some files left in the list I get an error that the item can not be loaded. I click back out, go back into the the recently deleted items and the item will either load, or be gone.

All I want is to export EVERYTHING, all active items, all archived items and all recently deleted items into a nice 1PUX file, then I can use the tool I build to find and resolve duplicates and merge items that may need to, and then I can start fresh.

But if I can not get those deleted items back into the vaults or exported I am stuck. I can definitely not lick through 4000 items and restore them 1 by 1, nor can I search for each one of them and see them, for one 1 can't have two windows with lists, and none of the recently items are selectable so it would require me to type each item.

I have been using 1password for so many years and always been happy, but once I started to do spring cleaning and organizing things got really messy and I am super upset now wondering if I should trust this program with my secrets.

During all this I was cleaning up tags. It appears when you have a Parent/Child tag and right click one the parent and delete it, nothing happens, I would expect either an error that you can not delete a nested tag, or it goes away. Nothing really isn't comforting.

I was hoping if I uninstall completely on Mac, including Application Support, Preferences etc things may get better, maybe a caching issue. But this entire problem sees to actually sync and is a mess on all devices including the cloud, I really feel helpless.

Any suggestions?


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    Update: After hours of selecting, recovering, only a handful items noted as recovered and same again. The deleted item list on iOS was down to 800 some items, I select another 150 or so, said recovered and the list went to empty.

    Now I have some items 5 or 6 times, but at least the delete items are all recovered, or are they? I logged into 1password cloud and sure enough probably another 1000 or so items, hard to tell with that off ui, are there waiting to be recovered. Yes, I stuck around on the iOS app keeping it active so any background activity to the cloud could continue.

    Confidence going down the gutter here….

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    It’s almost like each recovered file becomes itself another deleted file? Only shows like this on cloud, iOS app says nothing to recover.

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    Update 2: Went to WatchTower to help find duplicates using the reused password option. Found an email account item that was there now 4 times, deleted 3 of them. Verified the item was in the vault and only once. And despite having told me when deleteding the 3 they will be in recently deleted. There is nothing in recently deleted. All happened on iOS app. So the three items vanished.

    Switching over to browser, deleted items now contains those 3 just deleted items. Closing and reopening app on iOS, still shows no recently deleted items.

    Does this mean the items show in the browser are still all to be undeleted? It would take forever since it has to be done by one….

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    I'm sorry that you're run into this situation and the team is here to help get this resolved. Since we're already discussing this over email I'm closing this thread to prevent having the same conversation in two places at once.


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