OTP not automatically filled in on Paypal.com and Paypal app

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I started using Paypal quite a lot and have 2FA with an OTP installed. The code is not automatically filled in on both the app and the website. This is quite annoying as especially with the app you often use it to quickly pay something / someone and then you have to switch to 1pw app copy the code and paste it in the paypal app. Does anyone else have this and is it solvable?

1Password Version: 8.10.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 16.3.1
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hello @sntplnt! 👋

    1Password uses the iOS native filling feature to fill your username and password into apps, this feature doesn't support filling one-time passwords. However you can have 1Password automatically copy your one-time password for PayPal to the clipboard so that you can paste it into the app when filling your login information:

    1. Open and unlock 1Password 8.
    2. Tap the icon for your account or collection at the top left and choose Settings.
    3. Tap AutoFill.
    4. Turn on "Copy One-Time Passwords".
    5. Go back to Settings.
    6. Tap Notifications.
    7. Turn on "One-Time Passwords".

    Then fill a username/password into the app again. You should see a notification that 1Password has copied the one-time password to your clipboard. You can then paste the one-time password into the app: Select, cut, copy, and paste text on iPhone - Apple Support (CA)

    When it comes to the website you can use our extension for Safari which does have the ability to fill the one-time password: Get to know 1Password for Safari on your iPhone or iPad

    I hope that helps! 🙂


  • sntplnt
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    hey Dave, thanks for the elaborate answer! Appreciated. Thats a cool function I wasnt aware off so I've switched it on. For paypal in this case it wont work as I open the app with face id so i dont use autofill but i could switch that off. Will think about it. But thanks anyway!

    I thought it had to do sth with Paypal itself as in browser my OTP's are almost always filled in automatically except on paypal.com .. weird right? But no worries.


  • @sntplnt

    I see that our developers are aware of a 2FA filling issue on the PayPal website (not the app). I've added your report to the internal work item for the issue so that they can investigate further. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.


    ref: dev/core/core#18497

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