What do I do with the data folder - on error msg "You used a newer version....."

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Dear all, i followed the steps that @ag_tommy has posted for the error message concerning using the newer version posted by user @Gilles9.

So according to the steps, I did these: ( Thank you @ag_tommy),

1, .Quit 1Password and all browser for good measure. Right-click 1Password mini in the menu bar and click Quit.
2. Open Finder, and click the Go menu > Go to Folder...
In the box that appears, copy and paste the following exactly:

~/Library/Group Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.1password/Library/Application Support/1Password/

  1. You'll see a folder called Data - move this to your Desktop.
  2. Download 1Password 8 and install.
  3. Open 1Password and then sign into your account when prompted.
    As our founder Dave put it: Traveling back in time can be a rough ride. I suggest switching to the Beta channel to get the next stable update


May I ask what do I do with the data folder under step 3? Bin it? Also do I need to change my 1password? Anything I need to take note of?

From an anxiety ridden person.

1Password Version: 8.10.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 12.6.4
Browser:_ Safari


  • @bear67512

    If all of your data is available then yes you can place the old data file in the trash. It is encrypted by your password. So it's protected. No, I would not see any need to change your password. Unless you think it has been compromised. Looking at the title you used it would appear you encountered an issue we're working with. So, no, I would not expect you to need to change the password.

    I would recommend updating to 12.6.5 if you can, when you can.

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