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The "Share a Copy" button has disappeared from the web client

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Up until a few days ago, when a new member of my team was onboarded I could make them accounts following security best practices (including MFA) and send them a complete record right to their private vault. Now the option to do that has disappeared, leaving only the less-effective options of moving/copying record to group vaults, or private vaults that have never been opened by their users yet. Link sharing is also unhelpful, because that doesn't give a user a copy of the record, they would have to add every field manually (if they even can copy the underlying data of fields like one-time password) Where did it go? It worked great before and there's no reason it should have left.

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  • ScottS1PScottS1P

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    Hello @connorlavoy,

    The Send a Copy beta feature is being depreciated. If you'd like to share individual items, consider using the Secure Sharing feature, which will allow you to share an encrypted link for a customizable amount of time. When an item is shared by this method, it will allow the end-user to save a copy of that item inside their 1Password account, if they have 1Password in the browser (the extension) installed and signed into their account. https://support.1password.com/share-items/

    In case you are curious, the send a copy feature was only available as a beta feature on the 1Password website. The 1Password clients didn't handle it well, and the new data would only appear when a team member would next unlocked the 1Password app. It led to a fair amount of confusion. The new feature is available to everyone who uses 1Password, and we think it will be much more robust in many use cases.

    Let me know what you think, or feel free to email [email protected] and mention this forum thread if you'd like to discuss this privately.


  • johnsmith99johnsmith99
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    "It led to a fair amount of confusion."

    We used the "Send A Copy" for sending a users VPN password directly to their vault, so they could use it on their machine or mobile phone


    • Login to the web client
    • Select the credential
    • Select "Send A Copy"
    • Enter the users name (Auto completes as they are in our company account)
    • User gets that credential in their private vault, and can use whenever they need.


    • Login to the web client
    • Select the credential
    • Select "Share"
    • Set the expiry to "30 days" (Users might not click the link within that time anyways, so we might have to repeat this process again)
    • Change to "Available To" to "Only Some People"
    • Enter the email address of the user (Doesn't auto complete
    • Click "Get Link to Share"
    • Copy the link, and send to the user
    • User clicks the link, then has to enter their email address to get a code.
    • User gets email with code and enters into the page
    • User can now see the credential
    • User has has the option to save into their 1Password for future use.

    We've just moved to 1Password Business, and the first thing we see is functionality being removed. Talk about confusion

  • ag_maxag_max

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    I appreciate you sharing your use case, and it is certainly true there are more steps associated with using the newer item sharing feature versus the retired "Send a copy". Like Scott mentioned, I do recommend contacting our team at [email protected] from your account's registered email address, as our product team can use this feedback to gather further information and further assist.

  • finwefinwe
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    I had a feeling I will find this reasoning here when I noticed Send a copy item was missing in the web client.

    I'm adding +1 to @johnsmith99's desperation, this was a really comfortable option for onboarding users safely and now it is gone. Thanks for nothing.

    Hint: maybe mark beta/experimental features as such, so that people are not surprised when these features suddenly get missing.

  • ag_maxag_max

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    At the moment, beta features are opt-in and must be enabled by an owner or administrator, and this is shown in the Settings page of a business or team account.

    Although it's opt-in, I can see a situation where another person may be relying on them without realizing this. I'll be happy to pass this along to the team to see if this can be more apparent in other areas of the 1Password interface.

    ref: pb-33290915

  • finwefinwe
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    @ag_max Yes, I have enabled this years ago when I set up the account for the first time and haven't checked the page or the list since, as I believe most users won't. Thanks for passing this to your team, anyway.

  • ag_maxag_max

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    Absolutely, and I appreciate you sharing this. If our team can be of any assistance going forward, please let us know.

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