Creating a back-up copy of current vaults

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I would like to create back up copies of 2 current standalone vaults (1PW7-v7.9.10) prior to migrating to a 1PW membership and upgrading to 1PW8.
The vaults are in 2 "device domains": me- iMac (macOS 12.4), older Macbook Pro (macOS 10.15.7), iPhone XS Max (iOS 16.5); her-Macbook Pro (macOS 13.4), iPhone XS Max (iOS 16.5)).
Am i worrying unnecessarily about the loss of data during this process?

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    Hello @epbobcat70! 👋

    In general, there's no need to backup your old standalone vaults before migrating to 1Password 8 and a 1Password account: Upgrade to 1Password 8

    That being said, I see that you've also sent an email to the team about the same question and one of my colleagues will reply soon to help you with your specific situation. To prevent having the same conversation in two places at once I'm closing this thread.


    ref: IFH-71123-766

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