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Hey there! My bank offers a One Time Password option, which I have working in 1Password. However, they require you to enter your PIN before the one time password, eg:

PIN: 1234
OTP: 525525

Login Password:

Is there a way to do this in 1Password?

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    Hey @redgears5 there's not a way to append a string to the OTP with the 1Password extension at the moment. That said, I can understand why this feature would be great to have. I've passed along all your feedback to our developers. Hopefully this will be considered in a future release.

    For now, I recommend adding your pin to a custom field in your login item. From there, you can copy/paste or click/drag the pin to the OTP as needed.

    I hope that can help a bit. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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