App often crashes on manipulation with items

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edited July 2023 in 1Password 7 for Windows

Lately, when I create/change/move items, the app crashes, seemingly without external cause. Then restarts by itself.

I have diagnostics reports from the last 3 crashes, please provide the ref code to include with the report by e-mail.

1Password Version: 7.9.833
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: Windows 10
Browser: n/a


  • finwe
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    And before you suggest it, no, I won't/can't upgrade to version 8, I want my version 7 to stop crashing.

  • Hello @finwe,

    Thanks for comments. I'm sorry to hear that you've started seeing some crashes with 1Password 7 for Windows when creating, editing and moving items.

    While I understand that cannot or are unable to upgrade to 1Password 8, with it's launch we are no longer supporting 1Password 7, but it will continue to receive important security updates. Please refer to this link for more details - Previous version support information — 1Password Community

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