How to mark items as read in the new forum design?

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With the new lay-out for the forum how do we now mark items as read? The asterisk I used to use is no longer showing, for me, at least.

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  • MrC
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    See my comment and (not ideal) solution.

  • Andrew42
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    Thank you. I was looking in Home. I found it in Home/1Password. To get there I have to sign into the forum, go to the topic then back up a level to Ipassword to find it. Weird.

    I second your comment. Most of the new look is an improvement. This aspect is not.

  • @Andrew42

    Thank you for the feedback. You can find my colleague Ben's response to you in the other thread:

    So that we don't continue the same conversation in two different places at once I'm closing this thread. 🙂


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