How to find the 1Password for Mac app's preferences window

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none of these functions/options are visible in desktop or browser any more. This is why I stopped using 1P several years back. now I'm reconsidering why I started using it again.

I don't get why this simple, easy to navigate user interface stuff is so hard for 1P to accomplish?

1Password for Mac 8.10.8 (81008045)
Monterey 12.6.7
safari Version 16.5.1 (17615., 17615)

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  • Hi there @aceebee

    You can get to 1Password's Settings by any of these routes:

    1. Click the 1Password menu next to the  Apple menu then choose Settings...
    2. Right-click the 1Password icon in the menu bar and choose Settings...
    3. Open 1Password and click the 🔽 down arrow at the top of the sidebar, then choose Settings...

    For 1Password in the browser, you can right-click the 1Password icon in the browser toolbar and click Settings, or click it normally, then choose ≡ > Settings.

    Let me know how you get on with any of those and I'll be here to help if you need it. :)

    — Grey

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    thanks but actually that is not the original question I asked -- sysadmin apparently changed it. my original question was WHERE are the options to manually OR auto backup 1Pass??

    I "KNOW" where the settings (used to be preferences) are -- but nowhere in those do I find a backup option. nowhere in the 1P menus do I find that command. Where do I get to choose my local backups??? how do I backup to an alternate location -- I don't even know how to find the default location. again, not impressed with all the so-called 1P UI improvements at all.

    I don't get why the question was changed from what I posted originally ...

  • Dave_1P
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    I'm sorry that our initial response didn't fully answer your question. 1Password 8 is backed up to your account on Unlike with older standalone vaults, there's no need to configure a manual backup. Your encrypted data is replicated to redundant copies on our end to guard against any data loss.

    If you accidentally delete or edit an item you can always restore it from your 1Password account: View and restore previous versions of items

    Automatic backups of your data to your 1Password account is part of the feature set that comes included with your 1Password membership. 🙂