Experiment #2 - Custom browsers



  • For the record:

    1. Does this experiment allow you to make use of your favourite browser?

    No, because it's a (supposedly) unsigned Firefox custom build. But I could see other people in such a use case.

    1. Should we ship custom browsers in the Stable product?

    Yes, even if you decide to require the app signature (but please make it optional 😅); the more browser support 1Password has, the better!

  • br_
    Community Member

    Does this replace /etc/1password/custom_allowed_browsers on Linux, as described here? I've been trying to get 1Password integration working with Thorium browser on Linux, and it doesn't seem to be respecting that file.

  • @br_: Linux still uses the global config file to control supported browsers for now. It can be picky about permissions so make sure yours are set to 755. If you're still having trouble it might be best to follow up with the experts in the Linux forum: https://1password.community/categories/linux.

    Thanks to everyone for contributing to the discussion over the course of the Labs experiment. I definitely acknowledge the points about unsigned web browsers. One of the goals for this feature is for 1Password to be able to make strong security guarantees, even when supporting custom browsers, but we'll continue to look out for ways to provide more control.

    Since we've now shipped support for connecting to additional trusted browsers in the stable channel and will continue working on it there, I'm going to wind down this Labs thread. We can keep the discussion going in the 1Password in the Browser category: https://1password.community/categories/saving-and-filling-logins.

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