Safari extension is very buggy

I seem to have near constant problems with the Safari extension ever since moving to the subscription version a couple years ago and it has become very frustrating.

Very often it fails to open properly or enter passwords, even when it is open. This happens after entering the master password in the main app and trying to do so in the extension as well.

I also see this across multiple websites and not just limited to one or two, though it does occasionally work. Most frustrating is when I am buying something or registering account, only to find 1Password is not responding, so I have to start from scratch in another browser.

At the moment I'm using Safari Version 17.0 (18616., 18616), however I have seen similar behaviour with older versions and prior to Ventura as well. Brave seems to be much less problematic in this regard.

Look at the screenshots and you can see how the browser extension never opens here, while there is no 1Password option in a username field is selected in the browser. It was there yesterday on the same webpage, so all of this is very unpredictable, but in a nutshell 1Password with Safari is a real pain and cannot be relied on.

I saw another user had a similar issue with this post

Is there any way to fix this properly?

1Password Version: 8.10.9
Extension Version: 2.14.0
OS Version: 13.5.1
Browser: Safari


  • ashleyk
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    edited August 24

    Just as a quick follow up, I did recently install AdGuard, because Wipr had been causing problems with Safari or at least I assumed it was Wipr. Now that doesn't seem so certain.

    Very often it seems the only way I can enter information via Safari is to have the main 1Password app open at the appropriate entry and then copy paste required information into the browser one by one, which is time consuming.

  • Dave_1P
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    Hello @ashleyk! 👋

    I'm sorry that you're running into issues with 1Password in Safari. The current stable version of Safari is 16.6 and it can be normal to run into issues when running beta versions of browsers and operating systems. That being said, I understand that you've been running into these issues even before using the beta and we'd like to investigate further.

    I see that you reached out to the team earlier this month and my colleague sent you some questions via email back on August 6th. I've resent the email to you again in case you didn't see it. Can you reply to that email? Our support team over on the email side will be in the best position to assist.


    ref: EWC-23762-815