1Password opens in edit screen

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1Password opens to the edit screen every time I open the macOS app.
This is a reproducible issue. It constantly happens.
It's very concerning.

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.18 (81018010)
Extension Version: 2.16.0
OS Version: macOS 13.6 (22G120)
Browser: Edge


  • pmcarrion
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    So it seems the issue is having Secure Entry enabled in the Terminal/iTerm and using a Logitech keyboard with Logi Options+.


    For some reason, when locking the computer using the MX Keys Lock key while Secure Entry is enabled, it triggers the cmd-E shortcut or types the letter q.

    This causes 1Password to open in Edit mode when unlocking the computer.

    I have disabled Secure Entry for now.

    Please provide a fix for this issue.

  • Hello @pmcarrion! 👋

    I'm sorry that you're seeing odd behaviour when locking your Mac using your Logitech keyboard. I know that there have been a few different issues over the years with how Logitech's software on the Mac handles Secure Input, do you still see the issue even if you disable or uninstall the Logitech's Options+ software?

    Can you tell me how you came to discover that the keyboard was triggering the CMD-E shortcut? If your Logitech keyboard is triggering key presses even if you yourself didn't perform those key presses then I recommend that you report this issue to Logitech so that they can investigate further.


    ref: dev/core/core#17567

  • pmcarrion
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    The issue is caused by Secure Entry rather than Logi Options+.

    I figured it out because I pressed the Lock button while using the Terminal with Secure Entry enabled. The computer didn't lock up as expected, but it did trigger the CMD-E shortcut and occasionally spelled out the letter q in the Terminal window. The computer was locked by clicking on the Touch ID button. When unlocking the computer and 1Password, 1Password starts in Edit mode.

    Also, if you use the CMD-\ shortcut to unlock 1Password on a computer that's not locked, and the Terminal with Secure Entry is running in the background, 1Password always opens in edit mode.
    As CMD-\ is a unique feature of 1Password, I am able to confirm that Secure Entry also modifies this shortcut, resulting in its opening in edit mode.

    This issue doesn’t happen when I press the Lock button while using the Terminal without Secure Entry enabled. It locked the computer as expected. When unlocking the computer and 1Password, 1Password starts in the “regular” window.

    Secure Entry somehow hijacks and modifies keyboard entries.

    I'll report this to Logitech as well, but since Secure Entry is an Apple feature, I suspect it'll remain unsolved. It would be better if the apps affected by Secure Entry implemented a fix for their respective apps.

    I'll also uninstall Logi Options+ and test again.

    Meanwhile, I'll disable Secure Entry from the Terminal and iTerm.

  • @pmcarrion

    Thanks for posting those details. It sounds like reporting the issue to Logitech is the right way to go, especially if you're seeing the same input being made into the Terminal app. Let us know if there's any other information that you need from the 1Password end of things after you've spoken to them. 🙂