Experiment #3 - Nearby Items

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Hi y'all!

I can't believe we are already shipping Experiment 3?! This one has a very special place in my heart. This project actually came out of a Hackday we did internally. Everyone was SOOOO excited about it, we wanted to share it with our users to get your feedback.

Nearby Items allows you to assign a location to an item. Then, on mobile only for now, we've added a section to the home tab that shows you items that are close to you physically. Pretty awesome, right?

The basic hypothesis here is that because people are more and more mobile, the items you need quick access to might be different based on where you are in the world. If your building at work has a door code, we'll show you that when you pull up. If you've got a storage shed, we'll show you the combo to the lock when you arrive.

This experiment is our first exploration into physical space. We know we're not "done" but wanted to get early feedback to help shape how this project evolves from here.

We're eager to hear your thoughts on Nearby Items. Let us know what you think below in this thread.

The primary questions I'm trying to answer are:

  1. Does adding a location to an item help you get things done faster and with less friction? Do you see value in continuing to explore physical locations for items in any form?

  2. What are the use cases where you think having an item's physical location would be valuable? We have some ideas, but I'm sure there are tons of things we aren't even thinking about.

  3. This is a v1. If we continue to work on Nearby Items, what should we add, change, or modify to make it more valuable to you as a user?

  4. Does it make sense to also show "nearby items" on Desktop computers?

  5. Do you think that the current form of Nearby Items is good enough to ship in the Stable product?



  • matt.g1P
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    Nearby Items is available now in our Beta channels and will ship to stable on Dec 12th! In the meantime, here's a teaser trailer to get you all excited!


  • dmacx
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    Wow, this feature is so smart. I use 1password for so many things in my life, not only for logins. With locations I can quickly access items.

    These could be items at my office (company and teams auth), home (smart Home items, WLAN) or the local supermarket. Love it.

    I would appreciate location based items via Bluetooth connections as well. This could my road bike (lock, Shimano Login items, notes if anyone is asking for my components). Or my watch.

    This feature is leveling up 1password to really use it beyond logins. Please keep it.

  • XIII
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    Ad 4) Are laptops considered “Desktop computers”?

  • XIII
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    Nearby Items is available now in our Beta channels and will ship to stable on Dec 12th!

    I’m running TestFlight version 8.10.22 (81022021) on my iPhone, but I don’t have the option to add a location?

  • dmacx
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    You have to enable it first in the labs settings.

  • XIII
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    You have to enable it first in the labs settings.

    🤦 Of course… Thank you!

  • @XIII yes, laptops would be considered Desktop in this instance. It seems like it would be useful if you're bringing your laptop around with you everywhere you go.

  • @dmacx Thanks for the amazing feedback. We hope you'll find some fun and useful ways to use location and that you'll share your experience with us!

    We have talked about using bluetooth for location awareness as well as some other ways of defining "location". We're starting with Latitude/Longitude because it's easy to visualize on a map and (most) phones have the ability to calculate the distance to fixed coordinates (nearby items).

  • joernarne
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    I would like to suggest adding a home address / office address and then select items that are shown if you are not at home or in the office.

    There are some items like e.g. banking card pins that you primarily use during travels but that are not bound to specific locations.

    This way you wouldn't need to look for the items at let's say the checkout at the supermarket.

  • @joernarne that's interesting. So rather than showing up when you are at a location, you want to see them when you are not at a set list of locations? I'll log that feedback and discuss it with the team. Could you accomplish this now with Favorites? We have also been talking about allowing multiple locations for a single item. That way if you have a gym pass (for example) and the gym has multiple locations you'd see it at any of the locations you set.

  • dmacx
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    I think, favorites are for that specific use case if I'm not home.

  • joernarne
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    Yeah, favourites sort of work for that. But when I'm at home at my laptop I usually need other favourites than while I'm outside.

    It's not a desperately needed feature. It just came to my mind thinking about items I need vs. Items I don't need depending on the location I am at.

  • Thanks a lot for the great feedback/ideas @joernarne.
    This is one of those moments where I'm so grateful we've got folks like your good self sharing ideas that we probably wouldn't have thought of as this goes in the opposite direction to how and where the team were thinking items should show up.

    That said, it sounds like you kind of want 1Password to have a bit more location awareness in general. Your feedback's giving me some interesting ideas that I'm excited to explore more with the team.

    Cheers again Joe!

  • XIII
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    I’d like to assign names to locations, which could then be displayed instead of coordinates (when editing an item).

    Examples of names: “Home”, “Work”, “School”, “Gym”, etc.

  • XIII
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    I want that even more now that I see that all items at the same location have random distances in 1Password.

    I have added six items at home, but they are listed as 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12m away…

  • @XIII Thank you! Naming locations is high on our own list for this feature, it was likely the first thing I was bugging our ever-so-talented devs for when they were working up proof of concepts of adding locations to items.

    Regarding the mismatch of distances, I'll double check but I think this may due to GPS having an at best 5m radius(?) of accuracy, rather than a pin-point accuracy and you'll get a bit of a 'estimation' to the location.

  • Thanks for all the feedback so far. This is super helpful. I'm still really interested in hearing more use cases where location aware items would be useful.

  • stmorrpom6cenz
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    I think it’d be useful if we could add common locations to our profile/settings (home, work, gym, supermarket, vet, doctor, etc) so we can quickly assign saved locations to any item (or select multiple items and add a location). I think it’d be useful to be able to add multiple locations, e.g. supermarkets, second office location, etc.

    Favourite locations should have a geofence of say 25-50m so we don’t get the issue of having nearby items 1, 3, 5, etc metres away - they would all fall into the one location even if the coordinates are slightly different. I don’t think we need pinpoint accuracy for this sort of thing. That sort of range would cover most small to medium building footprints.

    Other non-favourite locations may not need a geofence, but I wouldn’t think it be such an issue at places less frequently visited.

    Interesting that when I search for place names or addresses, their electoral ward and district shows up rather than the actual street address.

  • guillaume0
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    This is a very interesting feature. Here are a few suggestions:

    • The ability to assign multiple locations to a given item.
    • A way to easily pick current location (doesn't seem feasible on Android).
    • Being able to set the radius per item and not app-wide: I would like to have my university account visible on the whole campus, while my home Wifi password is only relevant when I'm close to my router.
    • To have the nearby items menu automatically retracted when there's no nearby item and unfolded otherwise.


  • This is great feedback. I hadn't thought about setting a radius per item. That's an interesting one and I can see the value. I also like the idea of hiding the nearby items menu if there's nothing to show. Do you see this as hiding the menu completely? That would remove the ability to change the search radius.

  • 1Passerby
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    Great feature!

    I echo the suggestions above (e.g. multiple locations for the same item, Home/Work etc. category) and add one request/suggestion:

    • Being able to identify which entries have been associated with a location, for example by automatically adding a tag to that entry or an emoji (this is what I do also for my entries with attachments as it's easier to read: Attachment 📎 Location 📍)

    This allows to easily spot which entries have a location, which not.

    Alternatively (for Mac OS only), bring back the function allowing to search all items with location/attachment, which has been removed some time ago.


  • @1Passerby Great feedback also! Being able to filter items or at least sort them if they have a location added is something we've heard and definitely would like to include also. The idea of adding a marker to the item name is pretty neat, thanks for sharing that spark of inspiration!

    Will certainly pass on the request for the the search update!

    Wishing you the best for the new year!

  • @1Passerby

    this is what I do also for my entries with attachments as it's easier to read: Attachment 📎 Location 📍

    I've done this (icons) for a large portion of my items recently. I couldn't agree more that it's so much easier to read. Thank you for the pin icon idea. I'm going to put it to use right now. Much appreciated.

  • guillaume0
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    I also like the idea of hiding the nearby items menu if there's nothing to show. Do you see this as hiding the menu completely? That would remove the ability to change the search radius.

    Actually, I was only thinking of hiding the illustration displayed when there's no item. It is nice, but also takes quite a lot of space on the home page. If you choose to minimize the section to hide it, then you also hide nearby items when they do exist. That's only a minor detail though.

    Hiding the menu completely was not what I thought about, but it could be feasible if the search radius becomes item-specific.

  • Ahh, ok. That makes total sense. Will add this to our backlog. Thank you!

  • gauravjain312
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    This is a very interesting feature. I would like to see support for the below use cases

    • Support Multiple locations for an item.
    • Support on Windows 10 and 11 laptops
    • Multiple location names like Home1, Home2 for different items. When I am at Home1, show only items for Home1.
    • Ability to see only a particular entry in an item at a particular location. e.g. I go to an ATM to withdraw cash. I should only see the ATM PIN for my bank account in the location instead of all the particular bank account settings. currently, this is possible by pinning a PIN to the home screen in the Android app but location will be a better implementation.
  • Doodler_Benji
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    🎉 Happy new year to you @gauravjain312!

    Thanks so much for these additional pointers, I appreciate you diving further in to how this could work with ATM's, and having items shown per location like home1, home2 etc.
    @matt.g1P and others have got these noted in our backlog! ✨

    [edited to include...]
    To follow up, when you mention "Support on Windows 10 and 11 laptops" are you seeking map support here? Our macOS, Windows and Linux apps all have the same support right now.

    There are going to be some great additions dropping soon to give the 'desktop clients' more useful additions for locations than simply being able to view/copy coords to a location added by mobile apps, but due to our firm stance on security and privacy by design, map support is not on desktop is not possible yet.

  • norysang
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    I am very excited about the feature, but it could be much more useful with additional customization options. Many great ideas have already been mentioned by previous commentators, but I would like to add a few more thoughts to these ideas.

    I definitely need the ability to assign multiple locations to an item. This would be very useful, for example, for doctor visits where I need to access the same documents but visit different doctors in various locations. Same is true for bank card details, e.g. when visiting the ATM.

    In my opinion, another idea is closely related to having multiple locations per item: assigning labels to locations and collapsing maps. If an item has, for instance, 10 locations, it can quickly become overwhelming when all of these are shown at the bottom of an item. It would be great if, with more than one location, all maps were "collapsed" by default, showing only the title of the location. This way, one could quickly review and grasp the list of all linked locations.

    Assigning a radius has already been mentioned. I would like to expand on this idea and suggest not only a radius around a point but also propose "free forms." This could be achieved by combining multiple points with their radii (essentially multiple locations within a location with overlapping radii) or, even better, a boundary line (e.g., around a college campus) that can be self-defined. My personal use case for this would be the university campus that is widespread and weirdly shaped, therefore not really covered by a fixed point with a e.g. 400 metre radius.

    Being able to filter items based on whether a location is linked and, if so, which location is linked, would also be great. 1Password already has too limited filtering options, and this should be expanded in general. I would also love to see a menu with all locations that have been assigned to any number of items with the option to add more items by bulk-selecting multiple items. Basically the other way around: adding a location (or opening an existing one) and assigning items instead of opening an item and assigning locations.

    Another idea is to link a whole account or item collections to a location. I have three 1Password accounts in my app: a private one, one for work, and one for an organization where I volunteer. When I am at home, I mostly need only the private items; when I am at work, primarily the work-related items. Additionally, I have collections that include vaults from multiple accounts.

    You asked for use cases where these things would be useful. For me, they include:

    • Accessing my health insurance card when I visit one of my doctors
    • Retrieving my bank's PIN card when withdrawing money
    • Using bonus and membership cards while shopping, at the swimming pool, etc.
    • Access codes for entrance doors of buildings

    In this context, there's another idea that could be useful in connection with locations: storing membership card numbers in a way that a barcode can be generated and displayed. This could be implemented, for example, by adding a menu item "Show Barcode" in the long-tap menu, alongside "Show Large Type," which would represent a number as a barcode. For instance, at the swimming pool, I have a physical card with a barcode, currently stored as a photo in 1Password. If I could display this card based on location, I could scan the barcode digitally instead of using a photo.

  • Hey @norysang,

    I'm genuinely grateful for all of your insightful feedback and suggestions, which I agree would be solid improvements to adding locations to items in 1Password.

    The idea of multiple locations per item opens up a lot of possibilities for customisation and efficiency, and as you've seen, you're definitely not alone in this request. Labelling these locations with a menu to shortcut into filtering down the items at a location is also a thoughtful touch. I especially want to call out that I appreciate your comment on the 'custom area', not only a radius. This is a UX design I've loved in property search sites and totally see the benefit and use cases, in addition to you kindly providing them. It's a super smart suggestion, and I thank you!

    Also, cheers for the bonus feedback/request of generating barcodes for membership cards. We have many ideas bubbling away within the team for the potential of location additions, and memberships are a popular topic of conversation, as you can imagine.

    Your and everyone's input here is incredibly valuable, and I'm looking forward to exploring these ideas further.

    Happy New Year to you, and once more - thanks!


  • snowy
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    Codes - garage and gates. My in laws have both and when I get there I need them both and work codes for gettting into a building I have handle of notes that explain how to enter. Ie swap enter code or enter code at first door than swipe at next door etc..

    Bank/credit union account number - when I show up to make a deposit surfacing a list possible user selected set of the various accounts

    Membership QR barcodes - not sure this is a thing that would work but places that use bar codes or whatever for loyalty programs if they popped up at the gocery store or pharmacy or gym