Is 1Password tied to apple id?

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I recently purchased a brand new macbook. Much to my surprise, upon downloading 1password, my account was already connected. All I had to do was enter my master password and it signed right in, it already knew my username and secret key. How is this possible? Is there some sort of apple magic going on? Or 1Password magic? Or did I majorly mess up and my account is very exposed? (really hope it's not that one)

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.18 (81018040)
Extension Version: 2.16.0
OS Version: macOS 14.0
Browser: Chrome


  • bradmic16
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    Wanted to add I did have my yubikey that is tied to my account plugged in at the time. Could it have authenticated that way?

  • Dave_1P
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    Hello @bradmic16! 👋

    When you add your 1Password account to your Mac, or one of your other devices, 1Password stores an encrypted version of your Secret Key in the Keychain which is securely synced to all of your Apple devices if iCloud Keychain is turned on. The next time that you need to add your 1Password account to another device, or the same device after wiping it, you'll only be asked for your account password since the 1Password app will retrieve your Secret Key from the iCloud Keychain after you sign in to your Apple ID.

    This process not only safely and securely backs up your Secret Key but saves you from having to type it into all of your devices. You can read more here: About your Secret Key