Is there a way to store your AppleID Passkey in 1Password?

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From the documentation I read, when you upgrade to iOS 17 or MacOS Sonoma, Apple automatically adds a Passkey to your AppleID. There doesn't seem to be a way to add another passkey to your AppleID.

Right now, I have iCloud Keychain for passwords/passkeys disabled on my Mac and my iPhone. So, when I try to login with my Passkey, the iPhone prompts me with only 1Password, which does not have my AppleID passkey.

I think Apple is trying to make Passkeys "easier" for end-users. They make one passkey, sync it across devices, and all you need to do is use FaceID or TouchID to log in. The end user doesn't even know that they're using a Passkey.

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  • Hello @PastaShock! 👋

    Thanks for the question. It looks like the automatically created passkey for your Apple account can't be saved anywhere else, it's saved to the device itself.

    Hopefully, Apple will expand these passkeys in the future so that they can be saved in 1Password along with your other passkeys. Let me know if you have any other questions.