Close buttons are on the right side but should be on the left

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I liked your app very much right untill you released version 8 with close buttons on the rigth side, like in Windows.

Could you consider putting them into their native place for Mac OS?

Currently I have to use CLI version and the browser version (where I can block any bad button by myself). It is not very much comfortable.

1Password Version: 8.10.18
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Sonoma 14.0
Browser: Safari


  • Hello @Daryna! πŸ‘‹

    Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell me a little more about why you'd like to see the X button be moved to the left side? I'm unable to find any specific Apple guidelines that specify that the X button needs to be on the left side and Apple themselves places them on the right side in certain apps:

    Apple Music:


    Apple News:


    I look forward to hearing from you.


    ref: dev/core/core#9843

  • Terylon
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    Hello @Dave_1P, I agree with @daryna.

    On Mac the close buttons are in 99 % of all windows and dialog boxes on the left top corner.

    On iOS devices the system is optimized for usage with finger tips. Therefore the Close, β€žXβ€œ, Finish and Continue-Buttons are on the top right.

    Your examples shows bad work by Apple and should not be the reason to avoid changes in your great software. As a everyday macOS and iOS-user I kindly ask you to change the location of the close-buttons step by step.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and help.

    BR, Dirk

  • Daryna
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    Because this is polite to users who care about good UI.

    Apple Music is a shame. Shamy shame. I do not use it nor pay them for it exactly because of their relation to me as a user. How can I pay for something that not respects me as a user?

    Several years ago I decided that I completely do not understand why is it needed to make Mac OS software look and feel like Windows software.
    At some point, many good software developing companies started (and Apple, Google, Facebook were the first) putting their close buttons on the right side. Without any good explanation for that.
    The only 2 weak explanations I heared already were:
    β€’ Most people are right-handed
    β€’ Oh, seriously?! We do not care that buttons are on the right. Let them be there.

    This is all good (sure that not). But you will hardly ever meet any Windows software with the close buttons on the left side.
    The question is: why do we break Apple software design by ourselves? Close buttons in Apple were always, before main creator died, on the left side. Why put some of them to the right side?
    If you like them on the right side β€” use Windows OS or fight with Apple to change it’s ideology and move buttons from left to right.

    But, instead of this there is a silent war in the software design: a lot of software developers, probably Windows lovers, just silently put close buttons on the right side.

    I do not hope a lot that you will agree with me. But I hope.
    99% of that you will reply me something like this:
    β€’ Most people are right-handed
    β€’ Oh, seriously?! We do not care that buttons are on the right. Let them be there.

    I doubt if anything will be done with buttons. I wrote many-many letters to many-many companies already. Sometimes it works. But I continue writing.

    I personally do not use any Mac OS software that does not respect me as a user. This is my personal protest. So, being a software developer I live without next (and sure all other with close buttons on the right) desktop apps:

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • VSCode
    • Craft
    • Teams
    • Slack
    • Microsoft 365 suite
    • many other software

    I have to use CLI versions or web apps where I have power over buttons placement.

  • Daryna
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    Why do I care about 1Password?
    β€” Because I personally brought 2 development companies to 1Password. All secrets are managed via 1Password. And now I'm upset knowing that I brought a lot of people to using bad software.

  • Thank you both for the feedback and additional details, I've passed your comments along to the design and product teams internally. πŸ™‚


    ref: PB-36591897
    ref: PB-36591960