Autofill is not working for me when I tried to login to Apple Music with my Apple ID on my Mac

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Autofill is not working for me when I try to login to Apple Music with my Apple ID on my Mac. All I could find in help was to set Accessibility to allow 1Password to control my computer. I did that, but it did not help.

I know about Command-\, but I want it to autofill, like it does when I am prompted for a password elsewhere.

Do I have to change some other setting to allow this, or does it just not work?

I am using 1Password version 8, Mac OS 14.0 (Sonoma)

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  • Hello @stevenh83! 👋

    I'm sorry that you're having trouble with autofill on your Mac. Before we continue troubleshooting, I recommend that you update to macOS 14.1.1: Update macOS on Mac - Apple Support (CA)

    I was able to fill into Apple Music by following these steps:

    1. Open the Apple Music app.
    2. Click Account > Sign in from the menu bar.
    3. Press Command-Backslash to fill my Apple ID credentials into the app.

    Are you following the same steps? What happens when you press Command-Backslash when in Apple Music on your Mac? Do you see anything appear on your screen? Have you already saved a Login item with your Apple ID credentials in 1Password?


  • stevenh83
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    It does fill the password field when I press Command-Backslash. But I thought it was supposed to automatically fill the fields when they appear on my screen.

  • @stevenh83

    I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. 1Password will only fill your login into an app when you've told it to, by pressing Command-Backslash, it will never fill a login automatically. This is done for security reasons so that your logins are only used with your knowledge and consent.

    This also helps protect against malicious apps that might try to trick 1Password into filling your login information into them.

    You can read more about Universal Autofill, and how it works, here: Use Universal Autofill in apps and browsers on your Mac