Autofill freeze after unlock

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I noticed that it began happening recently. Basically if I unlock my phone, go to a website and try using the autofill, what happens is:

  • I select the credential
  • The app asks for unlock (biometric)
  • After that, the unlock screen fades (but the website in the background still shows with that dark shade as if the unlock dialog was still open)
  • I'm stuck like this, so I need to hit the back button (android)
  • Then I can select the credential (since now it's unlocked)

I'm adding a video showing it happening, the part when it's black is the unlock (biometric), and when I'm tapping around it's because the biometric has already succeeded but I can't do anything but hit the back button.

I'm on a S23 Ultra (One UI 6)
App is up to date on beta (8.10.24)

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 14
Browser: Brave