1Password Access after Death, Legacy Contacts



  • dragon1
    Community Member

    After reading all the posts I'm asking myself what all the answers and the 'recovery code for familiy members' has to do with the topic???

    Isn't he asking for something easy Bitwarden is offering for a long time...

    A family member dies > I will request to access his data (if he allowed it) > I do get the chance to by waiting an amount of time > if he does not refuse the request (death, serious illness or something else) I do get access.

    This is something different than a recovery code you're talking about.

  • ag_tommy


    1Password does not have such an option at this time. Who knows in time we may. It is something I would like to see. Recovery codes are the best suggestion at this time. That's in addition to the account recovery option from the family organizer.