Connect Operator Reconciler error

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We upgraded the helm chart for Connect server on our staging K8s cluster from version 1.7.1 to 1.14.0.

Post upgrade, secrets are (as expected) still successfully created, however we see many pairs of info/error entries like below in the Connect Operator logs.

2024-02-06T21:02:35Z INFO Secret with name op-test and version 1 already exists
2024-02-06T21:02:35Z ERROR Reconciler error {"controller": "onepassworditem", "controllerGroup": "", "controllerKind": "OnePasswordItem", "OnePasswordItem": {"name":"op-test","namespace":"customer-ravenstaging1"}, "namespace": "customer-ravenstaging1", "name": "op-test", "reconcileID": "9221dafe-aed3-4374-98f3-676fa8ddbd7c", "error": "cannot update status: \"op-test\" not found"}

Some research showed that the error might stem from the CRD definition update that happened somewhere around version 1.8.

We did update the CRD definition to include version 2 as shown in the attached file, however the Reconcile error still occurs.

Can you please help in resolving this? We cannot proceed to upgrading our production cluster until this issue is resolved...

Thanks in advance


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