Add 1 Password to another PC

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Forgive me. I am 81 years old and a bit slow.

what is the simplest way to add 1Passord to my Wife's PC?

I looked on YouTube but could not find a simple step-by-step.

Thank you.

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  • Hey again @Bhabashy

    Step 1 will be to install 1Password for Windows on that new PC: Get the 1Password apps # Windows

    Then, the easiest way to pre-fill most of your sign-in details is to scan a Setup Code, which you can find in 1Password on another device, on, or on your Emergency Kit.

    Find your Secret Key or Setup Code

    You'll then be able to enter your account password and sign in.

    If you have any trouble, let us know, but don't post any screenshots containing personal information. :)

    — Grey