1Password supports MacOS 10.14 but 1Password Safari extension does not?

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I just upgraded from 1Password7 to 8 on my old mac because it said OSX 10.15 was supported.

After successfully installing 1Password8, it provides a link to the App store to download the Safari extension but there it says "macOS 11 or later".


1Password Version: 8.10.27
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.15.7
Browser: Safari 15.6.1


  • Hello @billtubbs, thank you so much for reaching out.

    I'm very sorry to hear about the experience you've had thus far with upgrading to 1Password 8. I understand the frustration it may have caused, I know I would be frustrated too if a program I rely on isn’t compatible with my devices.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad to hear that you decided to upgrade to 1Password 8. I'd like to mention that 1Password 7 is no longer officially supported. 1Password 8 is the current version, it's in active development and receiving full support.

    With the 1Password 7 desktop app, the extension for Safari was built-in and was a companion to the app. The system requirements for 1Password for Safari are different because modern extensions for Safari are now standalone apps. For more information on system requirements for 1Password, here's a direct link to our support page -> System requirements for 1Password.

    If you’d like to continue using Safari on macOS Catalina, then I recommend trying Universal Autofill which is a way to fill your logins in Safari and other apps without needing to install the browser extension. By default, the keyboard shortcut is ( CMD⌘ + \ ) to Autofill, or you can use Quick Access by invoking ( CMD⌘ + Shift⇧ + Space ).

    If the above doesn't work, while we don't recommend using one browser over another because it's a personal choice, 1Password in the browser works great with Google Chrome in Catalina. If that's something you're interested in, the 1Password extension can be installed and set up there. Here's a direct link to the 1Password extension from the Chrome Web Store -> 1Password – Password Manager

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have an questions or if I can assist you further.