How to edit the suggested Autofill list?

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For example, signing into my Google Gemini, I get a list of all 6 of my Google accounts. My main account is a Favorite. The other 5 are not Favorites. The other 5 I have edited and selected Autofill Behavior "Never fill on this website".

Question 1: How do I get the other 5 to disappear from this list?

Question 2: How do I get my main account to be the primary suggestion that appears in the blue capsule so I don't have to hit the key icon?

Thank you

1Password Version: 8.10.28
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 17.3
Browser: Safari


  • Dave_1P

    Hello @Dave_Denver! 👋

    Thank you for the question! The suggestions that you see above your keyboard, or in the blue button, are generated by an iOS feature called AutoFill. You can choose which items are suggested by setting which collection AutoFill pulls suggestions from:

    1. Open and unlock the 1Password for iOS app.
    2. Tap the icon for your account or collection at the top left and choose Settings. (If you’re using an iPad, tap your account or collection at the top of the sidebar.)
    3. Tap on AutoFill.
    4. Change "Show filling suggestions from" to the desired collection. For example, you can choose a collection that includes the vault that stores your main Google account but not the vault(s) that store the other Google accounts.

    If you need a login from another collection then you can tap the key icon above the keyboard and then select another collection in the 1Password window that opens. 🙂