Usability Digest May 2024: Autosave, Sharing, and Sign-in Experience


Hello everyone!

As part of our ongoing commitment to make 1Password simpler and more intuitive to use, we're thrilled to announce further improvements to the user experience across mobile and desktop apps, and browser extension.

All of these updates are now live, and we can’t wait for you to try them out! For a comprehensive list of everything that's been improved, check out our release notes.

Here are some of our favorite enhancements made in the last couple of months:

Automatically save logins quicker

We're excited to introduce autosave for logins, the latest feature in the 1Password browser extension, designed to make it easier to save, store, and protect your digital credentials. If there are any logins that you have yet to store in 1Password, the next time you enter a username and password and successfully sign into those websites, we’ll automatically show you a convenient prompt that asks if you’d like to save the login credentials in 1Password.

Seamlessly integrated into your browsing experience, this feature ensures that all your logins can easily be added to 1Password and readily accessible the next time you need them. You can choose your preferred vault to store the login, customize details before saving, and even update existing logins. We’re immensely grateful for the positive feedback received during testing for this feature, and we’re excited to see more customers start saving logins quicker.

Enhanced sharing experience

We also introduced enhancements to our sharing capabilities, aimed at enhancing collaboration with ease. Based on extensive user feedback, we've revamped the sharing interface to streamline the sharing process, reduce friction, and provide you with greater control.

When you select the option to share an item, the next step is simple: just choose to copy a secure sharing link, and it will be instantly accessible and saved to your clipboard. Previously, you had to navigate through a separate screen to generate this secure link, which wasn't automatically added to the clipboard.

Additionally, when sharing an item directly, you’d previously have to manually enter each recipient's email. This process was not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors. To address this, we've introduced a user lookup feature that intuitively identifies and suggests relevant options from your recent contacts or people in your account as you begin typing the name or email of the intended recipient, making sharing easier than ever.

New streamlined sign-in experience

You’ll now find a more streamlined sign-in experience across the 1Password desktop and mobile apps. Previously, our sign-in screen presented customers with six different options, potentially overwhelming them. Now, instead of requiring you to navigate through multiple sign-in methods and select the correct one, we simply ask you for your email and automatically identify whether you use a password, passkey, or Single Sign-On (SSO). We then guide you through the next sign-in screens accordingly, simplifying the overall experience. This streamlined approach aims to reduce confusion and cognitive load, providing a smoother experience when setting up 1Password on a new device.

Updated 1Password icon in web fields

We've given a makeover to the inline 1Password icon you encounter in web fields when inputting information like usernames and passwords. Now, not only does the new icon feature sleek animations, but it also provides valuable cues about the status of 1Password, and makes it easy to identify clickable elements of the icon.

You can quickly see if 1Password is locked, and unlock it right from this icon. Plus, instead of encountering disruptive text blocks from 1Password, such as when there is no information available for a specific site, you'll now get new handy and helpful pop-ups that won't get in your way. You will even see clear hints on when you can open or close the inline icon menu, making your browsing experience smoother than ever.

Overall, this update is designed to simplify your online tasks and enhance your experience with clearer, more actionable interactions with 1Password.

[Labs] Auto-type for Windows

Last but certainly not least, auto-type for Windows is now available through labs for all users to try out. This allows you to fill and submit your username and password into any standard login form - including desktop applications, terminals, VMs and more - with the use of a handy shortcut. You can learn more about this experimental feature in our labs’ forums.

Dive in, give these features a try, and share your thoughts with us in our forums. Your feedback fuels our ongoing efforts to enhance your 1Password experience.

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